Hi My Name I Shay. I’m a 34-year-old single Mother of two beautiful children.I never thought that I’d be a single mother,but here I am so I will embrace it. I’m trying to raise my children and go after my dreams. I’ve always had a passion for writing.At the age of 15 I had a few poems published in the literary guild and from there I knew that I always wanted to write.Whether poems,tv scripts,children’s books etc. I knew that my calling was to write,but as I got older life took me in several different directions and while I never stopped writing I stopped pursuing my passion to write until I became a single mother and felt that I needed to share my extreme experience’s with other mothers whether single or still married I knew that I needed to get my story out there and here I am.

My disclaimer

Every single content of my blog is my own personal opinion written by me. I do not intend to harm, offend, or bias anyone in any way who reads my blog either racial, age, sexual orientation, or occupation. Read and comment at Your Own Risk.


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