Let me introduce myself

I would like to introduce myself.Im a 34 year old mother of two beautiful children. My daughter is 6 and my son is 2 years old.My children are my world,they give me the inspiration to keep forging ahead despite the many obstacles I’ve endured during the past few years.I never ever saw myself writing a blog even though I have a passion to write. I didn’t think I had the guption to share my experiences as a single mother. I guess because a part of me felt ashamed. I felt like a failure,but my feelings have changed. I now feel empowered. I realize that my story is too powerful not to share. If I can help even one person navigate through the ups and downs of being a single mother it will be worth the vulnerability I feel by sharing my day to day experiences. I invite you on my rollercoaster of a journey as I navigate through life raising my beautiful children, as a single mother all while trying to accomplish my dreams and coparent with a narcissistic ex husband . Are you ready? Strap on your mental seat belt. Its going to be a bumpy ride! In my next blog entry I will share with you how I got here.


5 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself

    1. Thank you very much. I look forward to sharing my experiences as a single mother,with hopes that I will help them navigate through they’re own journeys. We have to support one another because were fighting the same fight to raise our children in loving and happy homes despite the daily challenges that we experience.xo Shay

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